Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to just two.................

These last 11 days have been so busy and rewarding. I watched my friends three children as she enjoyed a trip alone to Rome with her husband and arrived home safe to them last night. Now as the quiet comes with just two children again I am reminded how much I love the business of life . As our older two children leave college this summer they will spend time in Haiti and Mexico on mission trips . I have just really come to realize what a blessing it is to have them home. I will not get that chance this year. As I think about a trip back to France and all of the excitement this new season of life brings, I also acknowledge the bitter sweet season of allowing kids to be adult kids. Time goes by so fast and how many days we have is already been decided for us. I want to use my time wisely to enjoy what God has given me and to bring honor to him each of the days. I am so greatful for the way he causes me to reflect and think about the vapor of my life. Last week I talked to a precious woman I met at the little flea market I have at my house and we laughed and dreamed about a trip to Paris. Much joy was had on the phone planning for our get together. Now I have been informed her dad passed away and now she will stop life and cope with this new season in her life. None of us are immune to lifes challenges but it is all how we live them out.


  1. There are seasons in our life. One the wall in my office I have a picture that says: "There are two lasting gifts we can give our children, one is roots, the other wings." But sometimes when the children need a resting place as adults, they come back for awhile. It's not the same and they need to fly.