Monday, February 6, 2012

Bonjour Paris

My last night in Paris I had a stroll around place concord and the Jardin tulleries.It was bitterly cold and equally as beautiful .I could not feel my fingers and my face or my feet for that matter but what I could feel in my heart warmed me in a way only God can. Peace. A place with my God alone but not lonely. Amazed that he knows exactly how many times my heart will beat until the day he calls me home.Content. Happy to be going home to my busy life. Home to my Jeff.
The statues against the dark sky took my breathe away.
I had this all encompassing moment of awe for what God has made for us to enjoy.
The enchanting details ..........................
Each one more intricate than the next.
Things so spectacular from any angle they look fabu.
I bid Paris Adieu for the ninth time.
The cafes were done for the night and so was I. This is how my trip ended.Tomorrow I will show you how it began.


  1. Babydoll,
    Oh my heart smiles with this post~ I know that you were in your very own heaven everystep of the way with God. I know how Paris warmed your huge heart of gold and how truly beautiful being there is... no need for another day:)except for only one reason, to go home to Jeff and family who loves you and needs you... but that are so happy their sweet Mom is so complete!

  2. Enjoyed this!!!!!!!!!! So happy you got to go to Paris!!!!!!!!!!!Again! We have been busy and have some other things going on. I am adding you to my blog roll which I should have done a love time ago...... Incredible pictures! You caught the essence of Paris...... Maryanne xo

  3. Welcome Home my Sweet Friend! I am so happy you had such a beautiful safe trip this time.You deserved it!
    Those photos are magical at night, so worth the cold lil fingers and nose for sure.Paris such an enchanting place to visit and it forever longs at your heart.
    God is good isn't he!o.k so is your man
    Jeff for letting you go ~Blessings Kim xox