Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Painting

This is one of the most thoughtful sweet places in Paris I have ever been.The shop keepers name is Carole.She is gentle, soft spoken and kind.
Her store is at 4, rue de Bourbon le Chateau in the heart of Paris.

She has an incredible eye for detail and brings home chandeliers like this.............

.....and never used bottle brushes on a wire with a 18th century gold fragment hanging from it.Rough and Luxe for sure.Do you notice the large numbered weathered hutch filled to the brim with Astier dishes?The dishes are scattered around with the old and look right at home.
She has a wall of the candles just as big as the Astier store.She gave me one to take home.
If you look at the top of this photo you will see the word Mantes.That is the name of the candle I brought home with me.The generosity of the story that went with it was just as much the treasure as the candle.She asked if I knew Hillary Clinton.I said yes, and in her slow but sure english took the time to tell the story how the candle is named after a place is France that is not so beautiful and Hillary bought some as a symbol to share with people back home.Carole thank you for being your thoughtful self and making my trip magique.Oh and by the way I got the painting .http://quakerconcept.blogspot.com/ This is her blog and you can get to her online store.Who doesn't need a little Paris fix now and then. Perhaps and Astier mechanical pencil or scented eraser like the St Honore candle.Better yet get the candle


  1. What no pic of the painting itself Ugh! Your such a tease...Love all the goodies in her store though yum! We will need a boat to bring everything home together Lol ~Cheers Kim xox

  2. Excuse me Madame! OMG Madame! Wait just a minute Madame! I am SO JEALOUS Madame! Call me Madame!!