Saturday, February 11, 2012

Charlottes Brocante March 1
  • Morceau antique French silk weave brocade tapestry perfect for period cushions etc. late 1800s
  • Adorable shabby chic antique French locket brooch - powdery verdi gris
  • Fabulous antique French scrapbook page filled with monograms & crowns vignettes LATE 1800S
  • Fabulous antique French scrapbook page filled with monograms & crowns vignettes LATE 1800S

I stole this picture from Shirley's blog.I am not that good cause I only got half.You will have to go to her blog for the full photo.Tell her I sent you.Just don't tell her I stole it.She would not be proud of my poor theft skills.

For all of you who have waited so patiently I am happy to say Charlottes Brocante will be on Friday March 2 from 6-9.
The address is 24670 south hwy 99 e
canby oregon
Please email me should you have any questions.
If you are not patient head on over to Shirleys for goodies galore.

In between Shirley shipping my items from France(thanks trout face) she has found a box and doll from someone on the Titanic and the above photo just happens to be from a man that comes to her door to sell her the contents of attics.You know nothing out of the ordinary.Ahhh only in France.

She just opened up a etsy shop as well.The reason I mention this as many of you email me shattered that you have been unable to attain the perfect thing from her ebay auctions.The etsy items are all buy it now things and are very reasonable.They still fly out fast but you just may get a good deal witch is always fun.

Tomorrow I will be leaving paris via blogland and heading to Venice with my Shirley. Her husband Mark and Kate as well. As I blog I will continue to put the date up for the show and as usual tease with pictures starting in about a week.Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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  1. So so very excited for March 3rd! I saw that story over at Miss Shirley's and what a story it is.So mysterious, sure makes you sit and think a bit huh!
    Miss Shirley has some pretty amazing items.Though you can't touch it, sometimes that's the best part~Cheers Kim xox