Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dreamy brocante..........

Only 3 more days until Charlottes Brocante comes to life...... The store is starting to take on its personality.These little cards have made friends with the mother of pearl rosaries.They seem to be getting on quiet well.
These baskets that used to hold moules (mussels) are waiting to be lined with linen and hold your hearts desires.They are big and wonderful in size.(I think they would look good lined with some linen sheets...yes I have those too!)
And these little sweeties used to hold water for the fire department.That is the story I got so I am sticking with it.They would be cute with lavender or wheat.They are waiting for you and so am I.See you tomorrow for more peaks before Fridays sale.


  1. Oh sooo Dreamy is right! You make my heart sing my darling lady.I will be dreaming until I make my way there.You always seem to find the most fabulous or fabulousness~Cheers Kim xox Hope you are enjoying your day with your Mr.

  2. I meant Fabulous "OF" Fabulousness! Ugh....