Monday, February 20, 2012

What will you find at Charlottes Brocante on Friday?

Door knobs in french style what could be better?
Maybe a petite chandelier ...............................
or Moutarde pots 18th century rare.........
Perfume bottles like this they do not make any more.......
and this little artists hand waving to you saying, J,adore.More sneak peaks tomorrow dear friends.Until then Bonne Journee...


  1. Oh sweet Charlotte's borcante,
    Oh you! I can't help myself! I need, I want, th th th that that that large moutarde pot! Pretty please call me and tell me how much and add that to my box:) Best finds ever!!

    1. Tartlet you have done it again, glitz and glamour galore! I am sure there are so many treasures to be had for everyone.I am so very excited! I will see you soon my darling and a very Happy Birthday to the Mr. Jeff as well.Enjoy your day! ~Cheers & Blessings Kim xox