Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Charlottes Brocante is this Friday 6-9 yeah!!!!!

For me the little sweet things that remind me of France are my favorite.Baskets like this...........
................and tiny seeds with labels and the all important French writing on them.(I really like these laying on some French documents which will be here as well)
Only hemp towels will do.Dry your dishes make a pillow line a basket.Only your ideas will limit you.

Get your mail in style with this sweet little box or as the Frenchies say boite.
Music books faded and worn with a marbled blue black background.9I have this in red and too!)
Do you need to transport some gold or fine jewelry through the mail? Probably not ,but these little boxes that used to can find a new job for you. Just sitting around looking good is working for them.
How about a little bottle drying rack with wooden spools that you can put your ribbon or lace while crafting the days away?
I love the way the french deal with time .We all should say to ourselves it is 15 30 time to pick up the kids from school. See you at 18 hours for the Brocante on Friday!

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  1. You are torturing me! I am having nightmares my Amy....I see sooo many treasures to be had.I will have my bag packed and tent popped to be first in line~Cheers Kim xox