Monday, February 15, 2016

Charlottes Brocante is this Friday at 6 pm

Unpicked ticking beds with loads and loads of fabric to use. Fabric to  recover your furniture. Make a pillow. Whip up some curtains.  You choose. 

I buy the few of these every time I see them. I love to think of them how trusted and true they are hanging above the police station winter spring and fall. 

This patina cannot be reproduced no matter how people try. The real thing is always the best. 

Sweet bits of fil de fer (wire) for you. These will hold your cookies or cakes while they cool. 

This will hold a collection or gather your eggs. I vote for egg gathering. This one is from the l1800's

This one will do the same just a different shape. 

And one must have a spot to store limonade or Perrier bottles. See you tomorrow do for another peek for you. Xx


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