Thursday, October 15, 2009

You're Invited

A dream and a trip to France to make Charlottes Brocante come to fruition. I went to France alone to discover all the things I love and bring them home with me, but the best thing I found was a friend. A intimate and lovely brocante loving friend. She is small enough I could have stuck her in my pocket to bring her home with me .Reluctantly I left her behind in body but not in spirit. I was reunited with my dear Corey love in California last week. When I was in France she took me into her home out of the goodness of her heart .I was terribly lonely when she found me and a dinner in Provence turned into 10 days of dancing ,cooking,laughter and shopping. She dried the tears from my eyes and washed my feet and tucked me into a billowy bed of old linen in her home in the South of France. Magic I tell you pure magic.(I will tell of her Precious husband Yann and beautiful daughter Chelsea)This store is the culmination of a journey of believing in your dreams, even though I discovered the best dreams are the ones you never knew you had and they come to life in full color..... and your living them. See you at the Brocante....


  1. It is gonna be so darn good! I wish i could be there too!

  2. Amy Doll as Corey refers to you as . . . I follow Corey's blog and just adore her daily comments, and as luck would have it I live in SE Portland. Will be coming to your 'Grand' Opening! So excited for you - hope you are a great success!

    the dowser's daughter

  3. Amy , it was so great meeting you !! I can't believe you're going to share all your treasures with us and with the antiques addicted !!!Congratulations

  4. How wonderful, I will tell all my friends in Oregon. I am on the other side of the nation now, but will visit your shop on vacation. Congratulations and may God bless you in this endeavor.

  5. Hi Amy (doll as Corey says!) I just wanted to stop by and wish you luck and will surely come visit you if I get up your way! Much success!
    xo Isa
    ps I have something I think you might love for your shop, email me!

  6. Amy! Amy! I'm so excited to find you here. I checked when I first learned of your shop but it was right at the beginning and you must have not been active yet. God bless Corey for giving you a shout out. I'm here. I'm following. And - the NEXT time I'm in Oregon to visit the kids, I'll BE there. Hugs, Annie

  7. I totally understand your love of France and all things French. I, too, went to France but in 2004 and have not been able to shake the "feeling" either. Good luck to you and I hope we will meet someday. I will be attending your brocante on November 6...see you there. Much Luck, Billie