Sunday, January 17, 2010

Marie and Louis

I wanted to introduce you to the newest members of our family Marie and Louis. They are a gift from my precious Pierre(really Jeff) for Christmas this year.I had owned a dove previously that had been gifted to me by my friend Mary at her passing. After the dove died I was devastated. I longed for another but as all of you lovers of animals know you can simply not replace them.Pierre knowing the desire I had drove 5 hours to the other side of the state to rescue these and bring them home to me for a surprise on Christmas morn.As tears rolled down my face I accepted my beautiful bird he had given me with great delight. My son Nolan said "But mom that is not even the best part". As if on cue the other dove who was waiting in the dining room to meet me let out a coo I realized there were two!!! Oh the joy that filled my heart. Not only for the doves that I new would bring happiness for years to come ,but for a husband who listens and cares about the little things that mean so much to me. I pray your holiday season was full of peace and filled with all the little things that make life so special.After all Christmas is about a little baby who came to bring peace. And of course I am leaving you with a picture of some papers I found in France during December. More to come later.........


  1. They are beautiful! I have two (the girls) also. They are the most peaceful birds I have ever had and they are very smart too. Good luck with you two. That was indeed a very special thing to do:)
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  2. What a precious gift from the heart. The doves are beautiful. I will stay connected here because I hope you have another sale one of these days again. I know you have been shopping.

  3. What a sweet story. (he's a keeper)