Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hooray Hooray it is time for Charlottes Brocante give away...times two! You have one week from today to enter

You have not one but two chances to win.The give aways are very similar with a small difference.
The first give away has a hemp towel,music card,two seed packets (that I LOVE LOVE so much),a store marker for produce, bonbon (candy labels) and a darling thermos with cup that the Frenchies use to drink with for there health.Those Frenchies are so chic.
The second drawing has the same items but with different bonbon (candy) labels and instead of the thermos......................
you get two cute little price markers from the boucherie ( butchers shop) with movable numbers .They have metal wires so you can poke them into something and they stand up to look at how delicious and cute they are all day long..............The Brocante is indeed coming to town Mon Amis either the end of August or second week of September. If I am going back to France the end of September I better get planning.Thank you for the nice comments and emails you send me.I am very greatful to blog land for people across the pond that stop to say hello.And with that I bid you Adieu


  1. Lucky winner!! Oh. My. Gosh. Those SEED PACKETS!!! HOW MUCH!?!? I really want to buy some now not later!!!

    Babydoll you have the very BEST eye my eyes have ever seen!!!!!

    Darling pictures too!!


  2. Oh My Amy you sure know how to make my heart sing............All of my favs for sure! Who couldn't love that sweet lil thermos w/cup and of course hemp towels pure love and a music card everyone one wants.Sweet lil candy labels oh bless you my darling.Way over the top, lil seed packets who would have known.Oh my heart be still! It's beating soooo fast I can hardly wait for the Brocante ~Cheers Kim xox

  3. I see you found some wonderful goodies AMy! It was so nice to meet you - hope to touch base in September too! The peonies were exquisite!
    Bonne week-end,

  4. Hello Amy,
    You have found some wonderful treasures.
    Just so Pretty.
    Smiles, Paula

  5. It is so much fun to go Brocanting in France. Enter me in your giveaway.

  6. Hi,I would love to win.What to do? Hope to visit your show for the first time.You have a great eye.Peggy

  7. Love the items in your giveaway-please enter me too! Thank you!!

  8. oh yes,please enter in the drawing. how absolutley exciting. i would be so pleased to win. WHAT! you are returning at the end of september? my mom says i could go along with you, if you didn't mind. and i promise shall be very good and i would help carry pkgs. etc. you think about it. there are others who have known you longer. :) Bestest,Denise

  9. Wow - everything is so beautiful - but especially you!! I hope you had a magical time in France - it was such a pleasure to meet you last spring! Blessings, Julie

  10. Sign me up fot the fenchie drawing please

    anything from France is a must now days


  11. How wonderful everything is!!!! I would love to win this if it is not too will be perfect in my mini chateau. Your blog is fantastic...........all that I love.

    Hugs, Sandi