Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hello little blog world I am here and the brocante is coming to town!!!!

Things here have been beautifully busy. Weddings and babies. Kids moving in from the Caribbean and moving from Oregon to California. And a few college trips in between for the youngest Me and the husband snuck a trip to France in May after our daughters wedding. It was magique!! 

My heart gets pulled in so many directions I sometimes have to set things aside for awhile. Such as Charlottes Brocante and this little blog. 
The good news is I am done burning the candle at both ends which means only one thing. THE BROCANTE IS COMING TO TOWN FRIDAY OCTOBER 16th see you soon my loves.   


  1. Woohoo !!! We can all get our French Fix soon. Happy Happy Happy :)

    Life is so full with lots of love and togetherness. Blessings to all xoxo

  2. Always a highlight to visit your beautiful Brocante in the fall--so magical. Looking forward to seeing you ma cheer amie! xoxo