Friday, August 27, 2010

Scrummy little bits from the Brocante...............

Unusual large keys with brass and bone tags.............

and pillowcases with the original tags...

and french ticking from mattresses yum yum and yum. and some french billiard balls and french enamel numbers to even out the fun.. I will be back next week with a date for the soiree and a few more teasers...Bisous


  1. Ooh~la~la you make my heart sing! You did awesome picking lil treasures for us and I soooo am not waiting patiently.I can't wait to get my grubby hands on these wonderful lil bits.~Bisous (have no idea what that is) LOL See you soon~Kim

  2. I am getting a plane from Paris NOW!!!!!

  3. Love all those treasures!
    Those enamel numbers drive me crazy!
    Any 52 by chance? lol
    I'm shameless!
    Take care, Laura

  4. Amy, I love, love, love all your brocante finds!!!! You have made me drool.... Let's do lunch one of these days!!!

  5. Definitely I will be there. I love the French thermos and cage for birdies and maybe some documents too. Can't wait.

  6. Help! Aidez-moi!! SVP!!
    I figured out the Brocante is in the Barlow house in Canby but what are the hours?
    I would love to come out to Canby tomorrow.... could somebody please email me the info!! Much appreciated! Cecily