Friday, November 5, 2010

Merci Beau Coup to you!!!!!

The last day of September was the perfect day for the Brocante Non? Delicious treats were had by all who waited patiently (and I do mean patiently.)
Me myself and I would wait in line for a hour or two for good french stuff but just knowing there are others like me floating around.................I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I Love you guys and girls a good amount.... I truly do....
I know I say it every time but I will say it again. I am truly humbled and thankful for your generosity and friendship. I am amazed at all the beautiful things you all give me like handmade cards ,flowers, perfume ,buttons you name it. I take all you money and your bring me presents........sounds so wrong but feels so good hee hee hee!!!


  1. Well one Christmas down and one to go...........................

  2. Hi and great to read your blog. ilove French brocante very much. In spring i visited a market in the South of France,like in heaven!
    Have a happy Monday.


  3. Amy wonderful, delightful sentiments!!

    Happiest of Holidays & All the Best in the New Year!

    Art by Karena

  4. Happy New Year!Best wishes in 2011.Excited for the next sale.~Cheers Kim