Thursday, September 30, 2010

See you tomorrow my Brocante Amis.....

Hold on to your culottes just one more day..............
and then you will make it to the Brocante!!!!!
the bags have been stamped...........................
the flowers arranged.(Thank you Gretchen and Robbie for the beautiful bouquets :)
and all Le Magasin Charlottes Brocante awaits is YOU!!!!!

P.s Someone left me a message from my post yesterday and there is a flea market in Aurora Friday night and Saturday day. Could be fun!


  1. Have a tres magnifique soiree!
    Wish I could be there.
    Hugs, Kelli

  2. I think you should remove your bloomers you have left out to dry before everyone arrives............

  3. I sure wish you wasn't so far away or I would be there. I will be out in Portland next spring for Portland Expo.


  4. What a lovely blog to have stumbled upon via French Bleu. You are truely a talented photographer, as well. I, too, am a hopeless Francophile. Best of luck with your sale; you have so many delightful things!
    --Lee Ann

  5. oh. sigh. Wish I could come! I am sure that it will be to die for lovely, have fun! bisous, Lidy