Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thirteen is your lucky number if you like French Hotel silver......

Absolutley magnifique!! This was used as a table marker.It has a clip on the back for a menu..................
tasty pots for lait(cream or milk) and the(tea) for une(one).
barely there monograms on some couteauxs( knives ) well loved and used often.
and precious sauce pitchers for the french love of sauces. I must secretly be French as I love me some good sauce...It is official,Parisian Farmgirl is making macaroons so the Brocante will be Friday October 1 from 6-9. Sooooooooooooooooo excited.


  1. Number 13 is my Lucky Number.....Woo~hoo I'm in Luck for sure.It's a date I'll be there Oct 1 st at 5:00 p.m so I am first in line for sure.~Cheers Kim

  2. Well I'm all torn up over your wonderful old french things!

  3. Very cool! Love the table piece you got.

  4. Excuse me.......but if you collect the silver from where you stay in France.......then you my dearest tartlette will be sleeping out in the car and NOT in the chateau!!

  5. I just wanted to drop a note, though very delinquent, to say what a delight it was to meet you at the recent Brocante....
    I now know Kim, says such amazing things about you! I will probably miss the event but hope it is a grand affair for you.