Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Pink (I mean think) therefore I am..............part deux

How about some pink millinery feathers with Paris tags on them to make your heart beat a little faster. Put them to rest on your favorite book just because you can......
or a jar full of pink dentifrice boxes (these are for tooth powder before they had toothpaste) and they are swoon worthy for sure....
and pink silk from lyon on there original spools. Oh no I am starting to drool...
I can only hope it does not get on my antique Bonne Nuit pillow. Now all I have to do is ask that Parisian Farmgirl if she will make us some macaroons for October 1st or a date change will be on order........ I cannot wait to see you all.


  1. Oh my all time favs! Macaroons tell me some more..........Oct 1 oh ya baby I am there gettin me some of those fabulous pink and black feathers, heart be still! I am comin with 500 lbs or more for sure.~Cheers Kim

    P.S.~Pink Silk are you serious, Oh Shoot me now! To Die for...........WOW!

  2. Well those are all scrumptious! No fair, I don't live close enough to come prowl! Love those tooth powder boxes! Do you have an Etsy shop or sell online?

  3. What incredible taste you have!
    I would love to come to your sale. Where and when is it?
    Randy said I should contact you!

    So looking forward to seeing you again
    Claudia Laub