Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Pink (I mean think) therefore I am..............

J'adore Rose ( I adore Pink) and I know alot of you do too!!
so I picked out this cute chemise (shirt) for one of you!
Everyone needs pink cones for there bonbons (candy) don't you?
and a four foot long bolster that might cause a fight. I just hope all you brocante ladies behave allright. Tomorrow I will give you I think pink part deux and then I will come up with a brocante date for you. I know you are all thinking I should stop doing the brocante and start a poetry club? Maybe not so much,adieu


  1. Found your blog via Simply Chateau....will be back to see what else you have discovered....
    Julie x

  2. I love the french cone.How were they meant to be used? Fiona