Monday, July 16, 2012

And the winner of the drawing for 10 times to Paris is.............All of you who entered!!!!!.

Do not forget to entertain strangers for by so doing some people have entertained angels without even
knowing it.Hebrews 13:2

If you can believe I had 9 entries and one was a set of twin sisters....That makes 10 prizes for 10 angles.The Cire trudon candles are dressed in  antique documents,old hemp and medailles ready to meet there new owners...............

.......and the sheet musique is really singing now with a sweet little Aimee Vibert french rose and some old hemp to make there journey.Please allow me to pick from this and the other Laduree and Astier items to send to you.All I need is some addresses and your surprises that flew over from France will make a final stop with you.Thank you allowing me to celebrate this fun French Brocante thing I get to do....just because.


  1. We are all Winners Yay! It's good to be a Winner~Cheers xox

  2. How lovely...for us all!
    Thank you sooooo much x
    I'm overseas (UK) and my email address is:

  3. How can a girl be so lucky as to win two giveaways from you:-) I'm sure you are busy, but maybe we could meet up again sometime.

    Thanks so much Amy!


  4. We are so excited! It makes it so much nicer that everyone who entered won! Thanks for sharing your life and travels with us! (We emailed you our address).
    Peace & Plenty,
    She and Sher

  5. How lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Happy Birthday Sweet One! Love you, xox

  7. sweet! Thank you so much...I never win anything!
    one day I will be at your sale in are a doll! I will look at my mailbox longingly every day! (sooo much better than bills!)
    thanks, you're best!

  8. Yeah
    your the best for sharing with all of us and I am so happy I am included
    I love to win and such pretty stuff also

    I will be in Portland in November any special events going on then at your place?