Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Greetings from Versaille and Charlottes Brocante giveaway

Just a metro ride away from Paris and you will find yourself in the land of Versailles.The beauty of it is unimaginable even when you are standing there.The details just pour out from every place you can look.You cannot take a step without taking a photo.It is the pictures in your mind that are the most precious.They travel with you everywhere you go .Whenever you hear someone say the word Versailles you are taken back to all the little images your mind captured on that day.

This is just one of the statues that stands around the pool in front admiring her beauty.

Or was she thinking with amour for King Triton across the way?...........................

And this is looking straight back towards Versailles with fountains going and music sweetly floating through the air. Now if you will excuse me I need to go to Costco (grocery shopping).A girl can have her memories and they are going with me.

Do not forget to enter the drawing from the post below.I will be choosing winners on Monday.I forgot to say over the pond people are welcome.Astier,Cire Trudon and Laduree cadeauxs (gifts) await you!


  1. Very nice! Love the patina on them....

  2. Happy Birthday! I wish you the most beautiful day~Cheers to You Sweet one xox