Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello world its a new morning!

What do you see when the morning comes?

I see belle notte and arte pura bedding. The gentle shades wake me up with a whisper. 
Beneath the bed skirt is a French 18th century box with the beautiful faded toile. It bids me good morning with its calm presence. 
As my eyes flutter open I look at my collection of Antique French angel wings. 
Stars and sequins sewn and painted on aged by time. 

The pink ones stand alone in all is their glory amongst the stars. 

Then the most important thing I "see" every morning. Gods mercies are new every day. All the above provided by him for me.  

Oh ,and the Brocante is coming to town soon. 


  1. Amen Sista !!! In all your loveliness the most precious thing about you is your sweet tenderness and love for all.You truly are a blessing to so many others and there is nothing better than doing God's work and enjoying the simple things life has to offer.

    I must say in all your glory what a a glorious way to wake to all your beauties you treasure so dearly. Hugs Sweet Friend as I am Missing Your Sweet lill Cherub Face

    I think new inhaler is working... hope to be on the mend in days :) See you soon !!!

  2. Oh ya and when you tire of that fabulous bedding you know who to pass that right down onto right Meeee !!!! I will wait patiently don't you Worry :)