Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Simply Chateau Shirley and mark your calendars for Friday February 21st cause the brocante is comin!

For all of you who know my 
Shirley, you know she gets the sweetest things to hock at her Simply Chateau ebay sight. She has a huge cult like following of people from all over who buy her things. I am  in that cult following as well.  Every once on a while she feels sorry for me and sends me a little petite paquet..........
Mark wraps it up.......
She writes me. Love note.......
And voila... Out comes a treat for me. This is a zinc marker from am apple tree. There are more and I am going in for them. I lost out on menus yesterday. One must have fast fingers on the computer to buy from Shirley  as it a bun fight. I was high bidder and all set up for the final kill and the banging on my door would not stop. I thoughts one of my children has died ..... So I went to the door and it was someone asking me if our house could be in a show called Grimm out scouting for houses. Anyway things turned out grim as I missed the auction.

At least I know there will be another day and another auction will Shirl. Never give up If you want a goodie from Shirl cause you just might get it or things could turn out grim.  Bonne Chance  Mon Amis


  1. That Shirely is such a sweet doll baby to think of you! It's always a treat to receive Frenchies in the mail.I know I have tried to have fast fingers for Shirley's auctions as well. Darn Door Huh !!!
    I am excited for the Brocante as you know we all are sickies too and need our fix. Lol
    See you soon luv, xoxo

  2. sweeeeetnessss! I NEED an apple tree marker TOO!!!! They are DARLILNG! One can never have enough little zinc markers, right??? OMG! Got my second box today dollface! I LOVE IT!!!! Merci Beaucoup mon petite ange~ folds of love and pink clouds with gold stars and a pretty round face surround me once again~ I LOVE YOU MOST of ALL!!!!!