Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You are all so patient! Just one more day and the brocante is here Friday September 19th at 6 pm

There are so many little treasures that make me love france every day. And tomorrow they await you. And I do too!

 Cire Troudon. They make the candles for Versailles. And they made some for you too. 
Little bits and pieces of the past to reuse on our present and future. I like them just lounging around best. 

Speaking of lounging around these antique shoe buckles  do it quite nicely on an document. 

I have no idea what these giant clips were for but I know they would be great to hang old maps or photos. 
And we all know if it says Paris I like it   These little crayons are so precious. They don't write as good as they uses to but they have aged well like most Parisiennes do. 
A leather hat box and top hat. Set it by a chair or in a shelf. Nothing more needed. 
I love me some boxes. Ones that say louvre or Chocolat menier or bougie, which is candle in French. Could go well with the above candles. 
I adore this little Marie Cherise candy box. 
And a few zinc pieces I love as is or add a candle. Faded  just the way like it. 
Canisters with black writing so old yet so clean and crisp 
An Olive bucket for lovely towels or sheets all rolled up. I think wood from the fireplace would be the best. 
A rack from a butchers store great for hanging in your garden shed with dried flowers or pans in your kitchen. 
A basket for treasures. All that is missing is you. I will see you tomorrow!!!!!

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  1. Looks amazing as usual! You are so gifted at picking treasures we all love, thank you for sharing! We can't wait to see ♥ ~L