Friday, September 19, 2014

The waiting is over!!!charlottes brocante is today at 6 pm!

Well we did it! Everything here at Charlottes Brocante is all ready for  you to come take them home........ Do you not just love this little set up on the gateaux plate? Desert never looked so good. 

And who doesn't need a little white in their life. 
These little ports to hold crayons that say Paris.sigh  
Petit pink threads in a dish.yes please. 
And we cannot forget to pay homage to the love of our lives.......PARIS 

I always love a bit of enamel. Key rings and a thermometer. Is it getting hot? Must just be the excitement of all this French goodness. 

These flash cards with pink ribbons to learn prefixes. Send me back to school now! Or you can use these to fan yourself off from all the excitement of the brocante. See you TONIGHT! Xx amy


  1. Thank you thank you thank you Sweet One for another Amazing Brocante ......We love you soooo xoxoxoxo

  2. So sorry I missed your event! I broke my arm, had to have surgery and am now in the throes of prepping for our trip. I went through all your pix and am salivating!!! Sounds like you're headed to Amiens (I think I told you about that during Expo?) so maybe we'll run into each other there (I'll be the one with the huge black brace on her arm!)
    Alex (Attic Antics)