Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gods promises to you

I am teaching at church tonight and our challenge was to write someone a letter who did not know him using our knowledge of the bible to defend the truth in grace of what he says and who he is.This is mine.

Dear precious one,
God loves you so much!!! His word tells us he loved us first. The Bible is filled with his truths.He takes people.... ordinary and broken people like you and me and does amazing things with there lives.Moses was a stutterer and became the man who would deliver Gods chosen people out of captivity and part the red sea. Paul a hater of Christians converted to the faith and wrote 13 books of the new testament.God says all scripture is inspired for correction and teaching and is God breathed and inspired.Jesus precious Jesus.He came to make a way to permanently reconcile us to God through his perfect sacrifice on the cross.And the promises of what he will do for you if you say yes to him.......

He says,One day I will make all things new,no more pain no more suffering or death.I will wipe every tear from your eyes. I have taken the sting out of death.

I have prepared a mansion in my fathers house with many rooms.

You have been adopted forgiven accepted and redeemed.

You are his beloved.

He will be your fortress, tower. refuge and ever present help in time of need.

He will turn your mourning to joy.

He will give you beauty for ashes.

He will give you a hope and a future.

I could go on only a one page letter aaaaaagh.

I say lets learn about his love and goodness together by studying his word and letting him mold and shape him into his image!!!!

In love from a broken ordinary person who has said yes to him and stepped under the canopy of grace.

I just want to let you all know that this is what gives me sanity in my life. Taking on extra kids working at the homeless shelters and local food bus is not something I would do. I am just being honest. Too much work and not enough fun factor and intimidating at times.That is the truth in my broken state.Enter in a loving God and now if you can believe I actually look forward to these things.It causes me to appreciate so much more the different kinds of beauty in my life.He has extra work to do on a stubborn one like me but thank goodness that he is in the business of doing just that.


  1. Great Minds think alike! A special post today about the Lord myself.Though I love the teaching form of yours always.Your the best, truly heaven sent.If any one person could save the world it would be you my sweet friend.
    We all spend so much time posting about photos, decor and diy projects and not so many posts about the real world and to spread the great word about our creator the Lord that we all so desperately need to hear.
    We do live in a very broken world and need to make a change little by little we truly can do it.
    I love reading the Flower Patch Farmgirl Blog she is always trying to better herself in the Lords eyes, become closer to the Lord and make a change for the better.
    Thanks for sharing and always walking me through and seeing things in the Lords eyes.Your making a difference a lil bit at time and that is the greatest thing you can do.~Blessings always Kim

  2. So precious... Thank you baby Jesus for Amy's important and special letter!

  3. I love everything I read about you, and by you, dear sister in Christ! I will share this letter with my woman's Bible Study next week. We are doing a study that asks us to write a prayer at the end of the Q&A, but I love this letter about Jesus.
    Have a blessed weekend,