Thursday, March 22, 2012

Going to the chatueau Breuil in the North of France

I am heading off to see Shirley on the 11th of May.Yippee.
She always has the american flag out to greet me and make me feel at home.(Except at my house we have food hers.... not so much.I guess you really can live on............................)
THE BROCANTE ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am willing to try.
Just set the table with a little candlelight please.That will be fine by me................
and your boy Diggbert. I am coming for your boy. A few wrapped rawhide bones with chicken around them ought to do the trick.(at least for a minute.)He may even creep up to the attic for a snuggle.That is were they keep the princess when she comes, in the attic.I have to keep friends with diggy so he will slip me the key as she tries to keep me locked in and miss the brocantes.
Oh Shirley girley I love you so.I am coming to get your brocante frothy little bits as you cannot have them all.I want to be your muuuuuuse so badly.Not as you call me your moooooos. You cannot convince me they mean the same thing.I have fell for that trick once you cheeky little minx..........xxxoooo the mad cow


  1. Oh I am so excited for you Sweet one and myself of course cause we get the digs when you get back.Oh Ya Baby! I am saving up my bucks now for the next Brocante.

    You and Miss Shirley will hoot it up! Be very kind to her so she lets you out of the attic.No bad Girl kind of stuff~Cheers Me xox

  2. Dearest Moooooooos
    I am having the chateau gates welded together as we speak. Al of my best treasures are going into storage in a secure lock up after you stole my toile last year.
    The attic now has a full security system with laser beams to keep you in place.
    I am afraid that you cannot bribe Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw with rawhide chews as he has fresh chicken cooked for him daily and he will not succumbe to your fripperies.
    Charles le Baron has sharpened his claws and teeth ready for your arrival too.
    The fact that we are trawling a 5 mile long 5000 stand brocante together for a whole weekend does not give you the right to make me carry your purchases like an old pack mule as usual.
    I have rights....I may be just an old shabby brocanteuse in the middle of the marshes but I can apply to the European Court of human rights to ensure that I am treated better by you.

    Infiltrating the affections of my daughter FrouFrou to obtain my treasures has also been noted and will be dealt with on your arrival.

    The Countess du Breuil

  3. My Muuuuse!!!!
    I want to come with in that suitcase! I'll even eat the rawhide bones and not the chicken:) Did I tell you yet how much I love you!?!? AND I love shirley girly becasue you do!