Sunday, March 4, 2012


Grand canal window with cherubs.................Love it.
How about some windows with silk shades pulled up just it.
round windows.....................You guessed it.Love at first sight.
arched windows with scalloped shades,silk curtains, flowers and boxed beam ceilings..........I love it up to Jesus and back plus infinity.

o.k..................So we ate alot of dessert in Venezia. I do not have any pictures because I feel I had no self control and ate it without photos. Picture if you will a brownie slash mousse little square flourless thingy with pieces of chocolate and cherries in the bottom with a dusting of powdered sugar at the top.I gave Shirley a bite the second trip in and she was bitter cause she had no more chances to get one.Please do not feel one bit sorry for her as I am sure she drank almost all the chocolat chaud they had.Picture hot chocolate like our american pudding when it comes off the stove,that is what they call chocolat chaud.Drinking pudding is mad but they wolf it all down like crazy.I made Chateau Shirley go twice.Yeah, now I have a usual hangout in Venezia now.Don't be jealous now.
In Venezia even the graffiti is cute. Molto Benne.


  1. Is that the face of my muse reflected in that window? Non? Ahhhhhhhhh Tartelette.....there you are....a graffiti drawing of you.

  2. I Like it! I Love it! I want some more of it! More, more, more...~Cheers Kim

  3. What a fantastic trip . Did you see Corey in Venezia . You are such a traveller ...Are you coming south in May ?