Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Freshman Party,Funeral and forgotten drawing........But do not forget about the Brocante Friday.Yiiiiiiippppppeeeee!!!

I am so sorry for being tardy at the blog thing as I have had a little bit going on.I will be pulling that second winner tonight for the drawing and posting what the they will receive.In the mean time I thought I would tease you with a few more trinkets from France. Friday is coming up fast....I got a cute message from a certain someone on Monday saying she only had to go to sleep four more times and then it was brocante day.You blog buddies are adorable. These are absolutley precious .The soldiers would drink their vodka in these and when they were done they would put them on their shoulders Epaulettes while they would march. That is the story I got from the flea market and thought it was joke. Then when I got looking at my book on French 18th century style it says the same thing. I think they are wonderful with seasonal things in them or with candles near by they cast a beautiful light.They are marked Henri Marie and that is just fabu to me.
Also via my 18th century stlye book are these incredible porcelain limoges pans. Amour ....
Back by popular demand are a few early French handwritten music cards.aaaaah :)
And a few sweet champagne baskets to hold whatever your little heart desires.


  1. Oh Sister! Let me tell you, I can hardly contain myself a few more days.I am going crazzzzy over here.I am packed and ready to be first in line.I've got my tent,my chair and my $$$$$$.We can roast weenies & pink marshmallows together.Woohoo! ~Cheers Meeee xox

  2. Thought you`d been kidnapped. Hope you are okay

  3. Hello ... I have only now discovered your blog, it's wonderful! ;o))
    I love old things and old!
    It makes you happy if we do a link exchange?
    Best wishes, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)