Sunday, April 10, 2011

Merci !Merci!! Merci !!!

I would like to thank all of you so much for coming to the Brocante Thank you for allowing me to do something I love. Thank you for allowing me to relive it again with you....................It was fun to see some new people as well as all the regulars. Everyone a lover of French trinkets.
I am not gonna lie that you all scare me just a little.(in a good way) When six comes I open the door and run....
and you are not far behind me.......... getting your Brocante fix.

The treats you bring are so appreciated because they are so personal to me. The color pink was plentiful .To know that someone would take the time to make lavender infused cupcakes with tulip wrappers complete with handmade card in French........
as well as a stop for pink macaroons and flowers .....It makes you stop and realize how thoughtful people are. These two ladies drove from Washington state to be here. Robbie and Robin you are delightful more than words can say.
Then there is my friend Kim. She has one of the most endearing ,charming and dreamy candy stores I have ever seen. If you read USA today they wrote her up as one of the top 10 candy stores in the nation. Needless to say the chocolates are delicious all handmade.I am going to do a whole blog about her store sometime. I Love you like a sister doll.
Then there are the other angels in my life. Audrey is such a sweet gentle soul. She has been coming to the store since the beginning .I have had the occasion to spend some time with her and she is the real deal. This little rosewater hand soap is so precious and has a little bit of pink on it. Love it and her too!
Then there is my Heidi girl. Precious and loving with a vibrant passion for life . A artist and maker of gorgeous jewelry called Seven Larks .I think it is available on Etsy. She takes elements of mother of pearl from old rosaries and medals mixed with gems. Incredible..... Along with this precious little ornament she gave me there was a precious note on the box that reads: Merci for bringing a little bit of France to us all . I say merci for bringing joy to my life. And not just a little.


  1. My Babydoll....
    It's all so BeauTiful!! Such precious and special friends you have:) I miss you and so much would have LOVED TO BE THERE WITH YOU!!! I'm missing you and I can't wait to have our girl chat soon~

  2. We all Love you Miss Amy! Your the icing on the cake girlfriend.....It was the most fabulous brocante yet I must say.I think there were many who left very, very happy.~Cheers Kim xox

  3. I heard it was a simply divine evening and that you girlies giggled into the night!
    Congratulations on following your bliss lovely lady!

  4. Boy, do I wish I had known about this. I live in Portland and would have loved to come shopping.
    Perhaps you could do a post explaining further.

  5. Amy, such a lovely gesture to Laura at 52 Flea!
    I am so happy to have found your blog. I neighbor you on the north as I live in Washington...

  6. I am just now finding out about you.
    I live in Eugene!
    Can you add me to your email list about sales??

    Thanks. off to see more of your blog.

    barbara jean