Friday, April 15, 2011

Paris in June is tres bien to moi!!!

June 17th I am going back to France(this will be my 7th time but it might as well be my first for the way it makes me feel :) with my friend Laura. She is having a little french shop on the east side of town ...............
I have my grey striped wool swing coat ready for its christening voyage..........
....and my little pair of wing tips in PINK .....PINK .....PINK....... I will then come back and have my show around August. Then I will go back around the end of September with a show in the spring. I try to go two times a year and usually end up doing the trips close together as to hit the brocantes when they are the warmest. I hope this clears up some of the question people have. All are welcome as it is not invite only.I do not advertise ,just blog about it as time gets closer. I only do it twice a year.I do not have it open again as I only have enough for one show. Thank you so much for all your support and kindness. I will try to get more this trip so there will be enough to go around even for you who get in last.Please ask me any questions or requests that you have and I will do my best to help you with it.


  1. oh those shoes are divine my sweet one! Your sooo very good to us all.I know I am lovin my loot.Now to just get it out and about to enjoy~Cheers Kim

    Hope you had a fabulous day with your lil Chick.I was stuck in traffic everywhere no way home for hours.Ugh!

  2. How about throwing a sweet French man into one of your boxes you send home for me! ;).
    I am sorry I missed the brocante though from all I have heard from your sweet followers and was spectacular!!

  3. Back in June ? Locking my armoire as we speak

  4. You are on a roll - those French brocantes just keep calling. Perhaps we can meet up this time, let's keep in touch!
    The shoes are adorable!
    Bon week-end,

  5. OMG Babydoll!! YOU are the Queen and... I Am Jealous!! I miss you and need to hear from you sooner than later. Please call me tomorrow if you have time~

  6. Miss Kmarie has it all wrong. Please pack me in your suitcase on the way to France....... We would have so much fun shopping..... we could look for a cute frenchman to carry all of our treasures home......