Saturday, October 10, 2015

I know I said no more sneak peaks until Monday and I meant it when I said it but.........,

These sweet little beat up boxes with remnants of days gone buy. Can you even imagine opening this in Christmas morning or as your one and only present. How well you would have treated it. 

One of the boxes shows the before and after of how your photos should look when your done. It came with extras cause you know practice makes perfect. 

And this one looks like it's for a future architect. 
And this map. It is the on canvas and ripped to shreds and peeling  but I could not say no.  
Anytime Paris is involved it's a good idea. 
Planets and ...,,..
The lune all in orbit. I think this would be beautiful in 8 or 10 frames in a wall. 
And last but not least a old French school map of afrique on a wooden dowel. Sorry when you've been around as long as these guys have with tiny hands touching you as your constant companion you deserve a your own post. 

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