Friday, October 9, 2015

One week from today Charlottes brocante arrives at 6pm!

We have made it to Friday and the last day is sneak peaks until Monday. You know how much we adore little sweet Parisienne things right? I am crazy about this little ink wells that are perfect for a few fleurs and they say Paris on the bottom. 

And these little spice boxes make me so happy. Just shake and smell. I like them for display all wrapped up in there original Parisienne packaging. 

And speaking of packages I just swoon over these little brown  packages all wrapped in brown paper with spools of ten inside. 

Stamps on these wooden blocks are sure to make you smile. I just love the brass numbers and letters on them. 

And little bits of French joy to make you heart to pitter patter.  A place to put your money ,hook to lift up your bustle skirt or a lock to keep all your French stuff safe. 

Stan hope binoculars and tiny travel saints and charms is little books. Thanks for loving all this French stuff right along with me. See you in Monday xx


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  2. Oh my makes my heart happy to see such treasures xoxo