Thursday, May 6, 2010

French Pink (Rose) Part deux

I should wish to tell you french pink is practical in every way. Like the above petinque balls(french lawn bowling balls) great for getting your morning exercise in with style..........
then you can get all your bills paid with this escargot encrier(a place to dip your fountain pen shaped like a snail)........
and last but not least these opera glasses will help you be prepared at a moments notice to go see the opera with your husband(hopefully in paris) I think I need to have part trois tomorrow,non?


  1. Learning to love pink more and more. The shades of French pink are the best. Beautiful!

  2. I so love that "snail pen dipper" LOL LOL !!!


  3. I my. I "need" all three of those things. I have pink opera glass that I got at a Paris flea market... but yours are striped!!!