Friday, May 7, 2010

French Pink (Rose) Part trois

I am tellling you I am not the only one crazy for french pink....................the frenchies themselves even put on their toilet paper. TOILET PAPER!!!! You can get it by the sheet..............
...... or on rolls(great for packing the brocante goodies in the old suitcase).....
..... they even have pink sugar.....PINK SUGAR!!!!
....and of course they have frothy french pink tutus like this one that did a Échappé all the way across the ocean to live at my house in my little shop.....................Really if you cannot give me one ooh la la over that I just question your sanity(o.k it is my sanity in question but we all know it feels better to shift the blame.)
.....and last but not least is my pink diamond ring that Pierre gave me under the eiffel tower for my 40th birthday.(o.k it is not french but it is pink and I did get it in France and it is sitting on a French ring sizer, so just work with me a little bit would you?!)

My prayer for you today is that no matter what color makes your heart sing that it just sings.Thanks for sharing my favorite color with me , Avoir mos amies


  1. Oh my. A ring under La Tour?
    Good girl!
    I have written about the pink T.P. - it cracks me up too!

  2. What a treat, my dear Amy!!!! Love all your pink treasures.... (even the toilet paper!)

  3. Give me all of that pinkness immdiately! Thank you for your kind words, means alot to me.(sniffle...yes I know..get a grip woman!)