Thursday, May 13, 2010

tick tock tick tock

Do any of you ever feel like you just don't have enough time to do the things you want t0 (even though it is fun ,if you have to watch time fly ,on a swedish mora clock, and yes, mine is trimmed in PINK :) plate is so full. My beautiuful french pink pillivuyt plate.Yes,I am looking for some sympathy. I feel sorry enough for myself so if no one can join me I have misery to keep me company. Some people are just so dramatic.


  1. Must be tough...all that pink! We still love you though!

  2. I hear you Sister! I have so much to do and want to do...............I often wonder when it's going to Stop! Slow down enough that I can at least get caught up! Not, gunna happen!

    You have a Pink Swedish Mora Clock You lucky Lady! I would love to see more of it.They are Simply Beautiful! ~Cheers Kim

    P.S~I wish you all the luck cleaning that plate.~Chow