Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All that glitters is gold.....from the brocante

Since grey came out to play yesterday today it is golds turn. Dreamy tassels with original store tags on them. These bring me to a loss of words to describe the fabulousness of them.sigh..sigh
These 19th century game cards make me soar.Food for the soul.(brocante soul that is)
OOOOOOOh and these little jobbies taken off 19th century costumes just make me want to do a happy dance too.
......throw in a ex voto and that mes amis is how you do gold brocante stlye.See you same time tomorrow.Bonne Journee .


  1. Oh Gold Me Please! I could wrap myself up in all this goldness, simply divine~Cheers Kim

    It's a date here tomorrow same time, same place.xox

  2. I was lucky enough to steal some of those petite costume crowns for my own collection whilst Tartelette was here in France. Amazing little treasures and I have never seen anything like them before. Zut alors!.... Tartelette has such a sharp eye for divine brocante!!

  3. I must buy some of those tassels!! I can't live without them:)

  4. This is such a test of patience.....
    Just ask Kimmi.....not my strength!!!
    Alas.....I will dream of gold as I wait for the magical day in April!