Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Sring break from sunny ......errr..... snowy Bend Oregon

We have a special place to go and hang out when time allows to just be as a family.
Precious french plate racks and a old farm sink invite you to get cooking.( I vividly remember pickling all the cupboards)

Gorgeous french shelf trim lines open cupboards(No Shirley you can't have it back:)
If you are lucky you can snuggle up in the nook and watch your kids cook. Now that is what I am talking about.(No Shirley you cannot have your vichy check cafe curtains back either:)

After a long day of play you can switch the light on your side of the bed.............

.......and read and rest and snuggle and get ready to do it again the next day. It is with gratitude I give thanks to a loving savior for all he has given me. Please come see me next week for a pre- Brocante give away.Happy spring to all.


  1. It's dusting you Huh! Enjoy we just have rain ugh......Looks very cozzzzzy my dear! You did a fantastic job with all the decor.I can't wait for you to show me how to pickle my cabinets.Have a restful stay~Cheers Kim

  2. We have fabulous hot weather and the whole family sat out in the garden for lunch yesterday so its funny to see your snow! I have obviously furnished that place from top to bottom......send it all back immediately it looks too good!!! Can I have a holiday there please? I promise you can frisk me before I leave!

  3. Baby Doll!
    So Special & inviting!!! I want to sit with you and talk all night by the fire with some tea~ Happy Spring Break my most darling friend!!
    Hugs to everyone of you!!!