Sunday, March 13, 2011

flea market treasures for moi......

One of my favorite things from my last trip to Paris in November is these gorgeous not grey not purple not brown books.It is like a bunch of colors thrown up in the air and this is what you get.The frenchies are very good at this color.They are breathtaking to me every time I walk by them.
to add to the vingette are these herbier jars in the same dreamy shade. All of the books and these as well came from the big Clingancourt flea market in Paris.
This little sweetie came from a second hand store called the trocante in Aix in Provence. I got this a few trips ago but count it as new because my husband just hung it up........ Not to worry I have plenty of things for you mon amis.


  1. Love your beautiful books and those wonderful jars. I loved my one morning at Clingancourt and look forward to a future visit. Thanks for sharing your treasures. :)

  2. Simply Scrumptious! Love seeing what makes you Happy Lil Miss Tarte~Cheers Kim