Monday, March 14, 2011

Skies are grey and the brocante is too...........

In honor of the Pacific Northwest grey skies I am letting the french gris come out for the brocante first. Preciosa sheets of music from the press for the original paper sheet music. Unusual and unique in everyway .J'adore.
Boxes for storing brocante booty(who would store brocante booty?) It is meant to be seen.You could put love notes or money you are saving for you next charlottes brocante fix non?
Rows of zinc buckets for all the flowers the rain from these grey skies will bring.

And just in case lightning showers are included with the rain, you can have your very own chateu finial. The Frenchies would have them at the peaks of their chateaus to disperse it evenly around the house. We Americans are just happy to bring them inside and call them art. Bonne Nuit, ma belles. See you tomorrow for brocante part deux.


  1. Oh Please just Shoot me now! I'm not sure I can take anymore fabulousness........~Cheers Kim

  2. THe finials are the sort of old metal that I collect and display in my house - lovely!
    T x