Sunday, February 24, 2013

Only 5 more days until Charlottes Brocante and the sneaky peakys just keep coming (You know I like to rhyme sometimes)

OOOOhhhhh I love these. So wonderful. Staitons of the cross from the catholic church.The Roman numerals make my toes curl.

Newspapers from 1795.The texture. The feel.These are so wonderful to make a lampshade,line a armoire or just to enjoy as is. I adore these.(Very wonderful to use for making lampshades and lining with the silk ribbon from a few posts ago.( I have been doing it and the results are fabu!)

Early 19th century game cards to frame in black or guilt frames. I have only found these one other time and have been looking ever since.

And last but not least a pair of "pliants" style seats.Painters and fisherman alike use these as they are light and "pliant" (fold up) and are easy to carry with a little handle. It is fun to think about the people that have used these and what they caught or created. I have my old paint set resting on mine. It creates beauty for me every time I walk by it.

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