Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You only have to go to bed for three more nights and then Voila....The Brocante has arrived.

These are sweet like a spoon full of sucre (sugar). Little French volets or as we would call them shutter dogs. I have one to hold my towel in the kitchen that I got from my Shirley girly years ago.(She is getting older, I am not. I have not told you I have booked my 12th ticket to France for March 13th to go see her along with my friend Cathy I am meeting there. Oops, I guess I just did :)

Sweet boxes of paints in original boxes. These look beautiful as in just hanging around making a antique document look even better.(As if that is even possible.)

I am crazy ( Alright ,finish reading the sentence before you start saying yes,we already know that.) for this little sweetie. It is a stand that would be perfect for holing kitchen recettes (recipes) or little music cards as it has a little spring loaded arm for making things stay put.

And who does not need a few olive spoons for who knows what for. You could actually use them for there purpose but I think they look pretty good on there own.( Do they make the newspaper look better or does the newspaper make them look better?) This is kind of which came first the chicken or the egg? Ahhh the mysteries of life. See you tomorrow Mon Amis and Friday in person!!


  1. Me me me I need it allllll! I will be waiting patiently "NOT" see you soon sweet one ~Miss Kim, xoxo