Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Brocante is coming in 8 days Friday March 1 st at 6 pm

First things first the winner of the books is Martine Alison!!!Send me your address and the books will make a journey back to there homeland.Maybe we will meet one day.

The French have a saying that is "dans son jus" meaning as it its own juice...Over at Charlottes Brocante this is the way you will find all of my items.Untouched and simmering in its "juice" that only time can bring on......untouched from the brocantes all over France.These 19th century tassels are happy to be "dans son jus" A whole  tree of tassels.Tres Tres Jolie!!!

Oh ruban how I adore you!!!Very hard to find 19th century silk ribbon on the original cards in shades dreamy like the Paris sky.

Then there is you my little grain sack loves.Who will put you to work again in your next life here in the states? I know you have come from the city of love but I think you will be surprised how we will whisper sweet nothings to you.

I cannot believe it is time to be posting pictures and today and throughout next Friday I will be sharing glimpses of what awaits you when the clock strikes 6 .See you tomorrow.


  1. Hello - Your blog is just lovely, and I enjoy reading about your exploits in France. I recently moved from California to Salem, OR. I noticed that you live near Portland, OR. Do you have an open shop? I am interested in your brocante, but I couldn't tell if it was an online or open shop. Best Wishes, Marjorie

  2. Oh Yay Congrats to Sweet Martine Alison! I am counting my pennies and awaiting the day your lovely Brocante is here! My heart be still until I can frolic in the mist of all the loveliness you so dearly hand pick for us.
    See you soon Sweet one! ~Cheers & Blessings Kim

  3. Bonsoir ma chère amie !
    Je viens seulement de prendre connaissance de vos publications dernières... ces jours-ci, j'étais si occupée à l'atelier après mes longues semaines d'absence...
    J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à revenir sur l'ensemble des publications que j'avais manquées. C'est toujours une belle promenade et aussi un retour dans mon enfance...
    Je suis très heureuse d'être la gagnante ! Vous ne m'entendez pas ? dire... : "Youpi" de joie !... Un grand merci encore. Je suis vraiment contente. Je vous envoie mon adresse postale via mail...
    Gros bisous à vous.