Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cinderella Charlottes Brocante style

The clock strikes 6 and the fairy tale begins(the only difference is you are fighting with your closest friends to rip the clock off the palace wall to take home with you.)
You then make your way over to have a refreshment and realize there isn't any but it is not a total loss.You get some beautiful champagne coasters to sit your glass on when you get home.

Then you see your prince all decked out in his best.....................
complete with tails.You know this is a banner but the love is just the same.You have found the one!!!
After all is done at the brocante you wish you would have got some 19th century candle sticks and.......................
and 19th century candle holders from the Catholic church.But alas you were too busy with the prince and they are all gone. Then from across the room you notice someone has put there bag down...........They haven't even paid for them yet..................Maybe just a peek see..........After all it is your fairytail so it can end however you want:)


  1. You have went way out of your way now my love! I think we all are a lil bit crazed by now with such delight ahead of us.You know I would peeks see for sure just a lil one and then snatch that bag and run like a wild thing.~Cheers Kim

  2. Oh my oh my oh me oh my....

    That sweet little web you weave is hooked me so... i can hardly move anymore without your magic potions! I am a crazed woman even more than before.... If I could I would be there and grab a pink bag, I would run like a wild thing with Kim and take it all then go hide with all my French treasures that I would be holding so tight in my arms they would be squashed!!

    Love you so much!!