Friday, August 26, 2011

Last sneak peak of the Brocante for the week

Thank you so much my sweet angels for stopping by again. I will leave you with a few more sweet things available at the brocante on the 9th.................
Darling candles the french used for there sapin noel (christmas tree) I am thinking a few documents wrapped around would look great.
This 19th century sangsue (leech) jar was used at the hospital for the leeches.They would swim around while they were waiting to get used. They would tie a string around the lip to keep them in. I use it for flowers and bath salts.I love these.
And this champagne basket has a crown. Bonne weekend!!!


  1. Wonderful assortment of goodies. Thanks for sharing. Love the champagne basket with it crown. Have a wonderful weekend. Valerie

  2. Ok, I MUST have the leech jar! Is it for sale? I go to France once a year for my tiny shop...sound familiar? I think we have a lot in common...
    bliss farm antiques

  3. Lovely things...I too love the leech jar.
    Jo xx

  4. Thank you baby Jesus for my babydoll....

  5. Sweet lil Angel face who could pass that up, not Me.Not to sure what to think about that leechie jar eww! Pretty with candy in it or pink Sucre~Cheers Kim