Monday, August 8, 2011

I zinc I will have some fun architectural pieces for you at the Brocante on September 9 6-9

Any which way you look at it this little zinc piece is fab. A little crown in the shape of a castle. J'aime J'aime J'aime.
How about a little fleur de lis zinc thingy too? Picked in France by moi for vous............
I managed to pick up a garde de manger too.(Oh no the rhyming is starting again...Refer to previous posts)
and a little bit of roof edging for you..........
......and last but not least a couple of cute swirly ques. I will see you all on the 9th.(More teasing to come.)


  1. Very nice and unique zinc pieces. Are they all from France? Smiles, Paula

  2. Zinc pieces are very unique collection. I really impressed with your collection of photographs. Awesome, I visited so many blogs but never seen this much beautiful photograph any blogs.
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  3. yes paula these are all from France that I sell at my house twice a year.Thanks for stopping by.

  4. The zinc does me in, I can't help myself.I want it, I want it..........So excited~Cheers Kim