Friday, August 12, 2011

Thoughtful Janet

This is a snippet of my Birthday gift from my friend Janet. Irreverently holy.. beautiful french... wings...............
These are the things that make me who I am .pleasing. gentle.timeworn..........
Can you even imagine getting such a heavenly something in the mail?I mean look at them!!!!!!!
Add in one branch from her tree complete with petite hummingbird nest with french communion ribbons attached.She threw them out to see if they would use them for the nest and voila, a french bird nest stateside.
mix in one french book from 1674.........................
and fold in one Cire trudon Louise bust
and there you have a French treat good enough to eat....But don't do that.......
I have heard silk ribbons can cause you indigestion.....Merci Merci Beaucoup Mon Ami Janet


  1. Simply Blissful! You deserve such beauties~Blessings Kim

  2. Mon Sweet Aime!

    Merci Beaucoup for this special post about moi!
    These pictures are the BEST!! You are the MOST deserving heart I know~

    There is nothing in this whole world I can give you to even come close to show you how special you are to me and how much YOU ARE LOVED and APPRECIATED by me(ummmmm unless maybe I find some old pink angel wings or a golden halo on my next trip:)

    God Bless You my sweet sweet friend,
    Always loving you,

  3. Preciosos detalles para acompaƱar un poema.

  4. What a treasure you have in Janet. The wings are beautfiul.