Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't you just the love the Brocante? It is coming to town the second weekend if September..... Here is a sneak peek from Charlottes Brocante

AMOUR!!! This is how I feel about the brocante.....These darling letters came to you from France to show you there adoration............
Paintbrushes anyone? These would be sure to bring more color to your life...........
as would this first place plaque for prize Lapins.(rabbits) The soft powder blue paint makes me weak.I also have some of these in green. sighhhhhhhhhh

These French butcher hooks are so charming for hanging torchons(towels) from could poke people that try to get your brocante goodies. I am just saying.............. Violence is not the answer.(except in extreme cases as this.)


  1. now comes the temptation. don't youjust love it? is there more to come? Bestest,Denise

  2. Love your treasures!!

    barbara jean

  3. The plaque is stunning, Yonks, I guess you saw it first!

  4. Bonjour Tartlette

  5. Amour is how I feel about you bringing all this fabulous Frenchness to all of us.I know it's hard work and I appreciate it so very much.I can't wait for the Brocante........I have been a very good girl saving all may pennies.
    You know I have my eye on these beauties and sooo much more.~Cheers Kim xox

  6. ~~H~E~L~L~O~~

    Oh such goodies! I could eat them like wedding cake!! What in this big beautiful world did you find!?!?? That little can in the first picture... WHAT IS IT? It is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. babydoll!