Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are we there yet?

Yes,were loading up to head north for Shirleys but
not for a few days.I had to wait three days to see her and so do you. But,were gonna have fun. Plus the truck is too small for us so were gonna have take the train.
The good news is more shopping in Paris. This time we are leaving the window and going inside. Two words.Cire Trudon . One word Magnifique! They sell candles in fragrances that you have to develop a sixth sense just to process it in your mind.

Blue toile linen fabric walls with gorgeous drawings and antique domes over candles .Eye candy !Yes yes yes!

They also have walls of tapers for about 2,60 euro a piece. How fun that can tell all your friends you went to one of the oldest candle stores in Paris. If that is not enough, you can tell them they make all the candles for the Palace of Versailles. It's that little place that old King Louis and Marie lived......Not to be missed while in the city. I go everytime I am there----I think that is why they let me take pictures inside.So greatful.


  1. So divine my love, fabulous that you share all of this with us.Those candles are amazing! I also love the lil red truck beep..... beep.....~Cheers Kim

  2. hello , just discovered your blog and looking forward to follow you and your trouvaille! have a lovely week, xo Colette ~Afrique du Sud

  3. Oh I have a photograph I took of this candle store. Loved the colors.