Monday, January 10, 2011

Shirley Shirley Shirley

I met my Shirley some ten years ago on Ebay. She had sold textiles for years and owned a store in England and then moved to the Normandy area of France. She is so charming she even coaxed her lawyer husband to quit his job and move to the country. (He is the poster child for a whippin boy though Shirley prefers to call him a love slave. At least she has the slave part right.) I furnished a whole vacation cabin with finds from her online store. Sheets so thick in linen they must have wieghed 4 or 5 pounds each.Vichy check in red and lampshades with the same. Hemp towels and curtains. I could go on for hours. I had never been to France and she was my only association with it. All I knew was she sold what I liked. It has been a love affair ever since. Don't get me wrong, she is not perfect (but close.) Her issues are ones you can work with as you will come to find out. She sells under simply chateau on Ebay and has a blog with the same name. If you want to shop for French Brocante items and want it to be open 24 hours a day this is your ticket. New listings every week,straight from the country untouched. Just typing this makes me want to go shopping. I will finish this blog. Focus Amy Focus. If you're reading this Mark (her husband) you know I love you and feel sainthood is in your future for living with Shirley. I am sorry she always borrows your razor for her face. I will bring you a fresh one next time and we will hide it from her....... Here are a few of my favorite things from years past that I purchased from Shirley's store. Mark, I will look forward to seeing you with Shirley tomorrow at the Brocante in Le mans.

Antique french sheets with crowns from a royals trousseau ooh la la
an enchanting cherub plaque with bird in hand from a building
( she probably pryed it off herself)
petite shells in test tubes with the writing in french.I get to look at these everyday courtesy of Simply Chateau . Merci Beau Coup Madame Shirley


  1. Awe Lovely Story and those sheets to DIE FOR! Yum, Yum, Yummy............How funny how and when you might meet someone and then you love them for the rest of your Life.I am off to check her Ebay store out~Cheers Kim

    P.S~I left you a cell message for Lunch, ring me back.

  2. Oh heavens save are a loose Cannon me save me! Spain is looking good....might relocate

  3. I was pleased to become a follower, having met you and knowing Shirley well,I know I will enjoy reading it!!!

  4. Amy~I tried to find shirley's blog and ebay store and can't is there more to her addy? ? Not coming up? Thanks Kim

  5. I had similiar problem. I googled and came up with: and then I found her ebay site. (Drum roll please!) So now I'm off to enjoying myself with both Charlotte's and Shirley's blogs. What better things to do while having my first cup of coffee!!!