Monday, January 24, 2011

Brocante Booty

I am so fortunate to be able to add to my collection every time I go to France. I had these books from my last trip and added on...................
....a beautiful 18th century rosette to the top of the books on my mantle .J"adore!
... two gorgeous green urns faded in the sun of Le Mans France hitched a ride home in my suitcase."You are over the weight limit the baggage agent says." "I am "? Not a surprise. It happens everytime. 30,00 euros for a extra bag of 50 pounds not too bad. Then she says,"Be careful next time". I wish I could explain I had run out of room in my carry on as I had three sets of angel wings and a glass candy jar with finials inside of that. That would have been hard to make her understand especially when I would have had to end with................
I had to put my heart in my pocket. Crazy brocante loving americans. We are shameless.


  1. You Silly Girl! Your up late missy, me too LOl I am lovin those sweet lil books & that yummmmy urn fabulous.A heart in your pocket, crazy lady is right~Cheers Kim

  2. You brought two urns back in your suitcase?
    How did you man handle your case around Paris?
    You are indeed a crazy brocante loving American....but how fab to arrive home with all those treasures.
    Love your little heart....
    Julie x

  3. Those urns would have looked much better either side of the door at the chateau Madame!
    Send them back to France are shameless.


  4. I am suprised that you were allowed to carry on such things, they could have been used as weapons! :-)
    I was charged £70 one time for bringing things back from Dahab, which included an old wooden vegetable crate that we had found on the side of the road.
    It has to be done.
    T X

  5. How fun that you can go to France and shop:) Good for you:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. I have 3 of those beautiful books that were such a surprise to receive..quess from who? they came to a home that love them just as much as you did...

  7. Hello I have just found your beauiful blog and am following. It is gorgeous and I love your French finds .... especially the rosette and the urns. I have had serious "over the limit" situations with baggage as well with absolute must haves to take home!
    best wishes

  8. OMG! You crazy nutty American babydoll! Just sound just like me! What about telling them you had a lobster in your bag? LOVE your books AND urns AND that heart!